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for English speakers
This is introduction about this website of mine named Cielo Estrellado.
I would like you to read this content before enjoying this website.

◆about this website

Thank you for visiting my website. This website's name is "Cielo Estrellado."
I'm a railroad-fan, and this website is made for railroad-fans. So there are many contents about railroad here.

Most contents we have are written in only Japanese.
But some contents have both Japanese version and English one.
One day, I thought, "If I could make contents written in English, I could tell about Japanese railroads to many people."
So I tried to make some contents which have not only Japanese version but also English one.
My English is not very good. So my contents may have some wrong. It may be difficult to understand my English contents. But I hope you'll enjoy reading them.

"Cielo Estrellado" means "starry sky" in Spanish.
This name comes from a short music named Cielo Estrellado, made as a hassha melody music.
 ※"hassha melody" - It is the short musics which is played when the train leaves from station. "hassha"(発車) means departure of conveyances in Japanese.
I like this music very much, so I named this website of mine Cielo Estrellado.
It is very famous music and often used in several railroad stations, so we can hear it on a lot of stations, for example, Ueno Station, Gotanda Station, Yokohama Station, etc.

I wanna introduce you a lot of attraction of Japanese railroads, especially abolished railroads!

Thank you for reading my message. Have a nice time with my website!

◆list of English version contents

We have one content(s) now.

Hama-Anzen Station

Hama-Anzen Station ( NEW!! )

Hama-Anzen Station(浜安善駅) is an abolished station in Yokohama, Japan.
It is one of abolished stations I like.

It has been left for about 20 years since it had been abolished.
In Japan, the station like that is very rare.

This content was written on 4/18 2010.
Last modifying is on 5/25 2010.

reason for modifying : To collect this content.

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